On March 30 and 31, in Bucharest took place East European Comic Con, an event that hosted about “over 9000” fans of comics, games, and also manga and anime. And, as in any Comic Con, cosplay was also an important part of the event.

A lot of fans came dressed up, so we had the chance to say hello to various characters, from Black Cat to Luigi. East European Comic Con also hosted a cosplay contest, with an international jury. While taking a sneak peek in the backstage, we talked a bit to Livia Viziteu, a cosplayer herself, who was in charge with organizing the cosplay cosplay contest and shared with us some info and opinions.

Cosplay @ East European Comic Con


CG: Who was in the jury and which were the selection criteria?

Livia: We had a jury made of five members and we tried to bring cosplayers experienced in different fields. Paine Cosplay, a very skilled cosplayer, participated in international competitions (EuroCosplay, ECG) and she was also part of the jury last year in ECG. Manuel D’Andrea and Okkido Cosplay participated last year in EuroCosplay and they had among the best costumes there; and EnjiNight Cosplay is very well-known internationally. Ken Huegel (Volguus), has been making props for more than 20 years, with extensive knowledge in the field. Another criterion was to have them all friendly and sociable, to be able to interact with the public and people attending the convention – on stage and around the convention, but also to be able to discuss with the contestants and give them feedback on their costumes.


CG: You are a cosplayer yourself, but now you were in charge with organizing the cosplay contest. What is your opinion regarding the backstage work?

Livia: It’s not the first time organizing a cosplay competition, but this time the event was bigger, hence… more things to take care of and more stress. I think it is important as a cosplayer to see what the other side goes through, the struggles, the problems, what is needed; to understand the whole process. Sometimes cosplayers are really demanding at competitions, without understanding the actual effort put into it. On the other side, as an organizer, it is important to know the point of view of the cosplayers on the competition and all the things they might need in the process. Having knowledge of both sides helps a lot!

Cosplay @ East European Comic Con


CG: What were the criteria for judging, and what were the main elements to emphasize?

Livia: First of all, we had the craftsmanship and performance categories. For craftsmanship, the emphasis was more on the costume (75%), and less on the performance (25%). The costumes should have been made by the cosplayers and the jury took into consideration the amount of work, the techniques, how well was the costume made and how much the final result resembled the reference. For the performance category, the costumes could have been purchased – that did not happen, though – but the performance on stage was the most important (60%) – how they moved on stage, how much they were in-character, if they used any props.

Winners of the cosplay contest: Craftsmanship

I – Marilena Ghita – Bellatrix Lestrange – Harry Potter


II – Diana Streche – Barris Offee – Star Wars: Clone Wars


III – Constantinescu Mircea – Kenpachi Zaraki – Bleach


Best Prop: Gustav Ljungdahl – Dr. Gordon Freeman – Half Life


Performance: Cojocaru Stefan – Dr. Gordon Freeman – Half Life


PHOTO CREDITS: N8e cosplay photography

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