We know we’re a bit late with this one, but here’s the interview with our first Community’s Choice contest’s second place winner, Arianne Gonzaga from Philippines.

Arianne Gonzaga
Years of Cosplay: 4

Cosplay Gen: When did you start cosplaying and what was your first costume?
Arianne Gonzaga:
I started unofficially in 2008, as a mere school girl, because I didnt know anybody personally from the cosplaying scene here in the Philippines. I had no idea where to get costumes from, how to make them, etc. so one time I found this really cute uniform from a contact of mine on Multiply (where at that time, most cosplayers posted their cosplays). I bought that uniform and tried it at one of the smaller events. Then boom, I met some cosplayers and started talking to them more on the Internet, then finally got invited to cosplay groups, which encouraged me to have my real costumes done and actually cosplaying real characters. Then, later on, when I thought I was still not getting it right, I started on getting some personal touches on doing my costumes, until I developed some skills; in the present I’m still learning more techniques regarding costume and props making.

I am so happy that little by little my involvement in my costumes has grown so much that for some of my costumes I work by myself. But when it comes to more complex sewing, i still get it done by professionals.

Cosplay Gen: What made you choose to cosplay the super celebrity Blue Rose from the Tiger & Bunny series?
At the time that I learned about Tiger & Bunny series, there were only 6 episodes. The series appealed to me very much, and that time there was also an international cosplay qualifier coming up (ACM2011) in our country. My boyfriend and his friend decided to pick that series for our entry because we all felt it would make a big impact on the contest. We would also be the very first in the country to cosplay that series, and that made it a challenge and inspiration for us.

As for the character I chose, actually at first I didnt feel I would give justice to her and felt really inferior since she’s like a super idol to the people of Sternbild and the viewers as well. But I figured, well, I would try my best, and still be me, idol or not. I also thought Blue Rose and I share the same passion, which is Music.

Blue Rose (Tiger and Bunny)

Cosplay Gen: What was the the most difficult part to make and how did you handle it?
As I have already mentioned, the biggest challenge for the costume was to fit the role of an idol. I don’t think I am as pretty as the character, but I figured I just have to let my confidence shine, and try to carry the character gracefully. I just hope I did it well, but Im sure that I did my best.

Blue Rose (Tiger and Bunny)

Cosplay Gen: Can you detail how did you apply the make-up for this character?
For the make-up, since i am of darker color like a true Filipina, I chose a make-up base (foundation) one shade lighter than my actual color. I used it on my face; my other parts didn’t need make-up anymore, since I used stockings for my legs (again one shade lighter than my actual skin), and my arms were covered by gloves. So it is really the face that needs make-up.

I used all sorts of glittery blue eyeshadow for the eyes and lips (I didn’t use eyeshadow for my blue lips. I used a nude lipstick for the eyeshadow to stay on my lips, then a gloss over it); then finished with a very light pink blush. I guess that’s pretty much what I did for the make up.

Judith (Tales of Vesperia)

Cosplay Gen: Where would you like to improve the most as far as cosplaying goes?
I would like to really learn how to sew with a machine (since I can only do hand sewing, which works most of the time, but is really time-consuming). I would also like to learn how to sew with patterns! I am planning on enrolling in a vocational sewing class, since I am really poor in self-studying. I would also like to learn to do bigger props, since I can only do headgear and staff and guns for props. Right now, I am hanging out more with my boyfriend and his friends who are really good propsmakers. I like making props with them, asking how to-s and observing how they do it. I would pretty much like to be 100% involved in my costumes.

Meiko (BRS)

Cosplay Gen: How do you feel about cosplay competitions?
I see competitions as a way to challenge myself. I usually don’t join them because whenever I join competitions, I need to have 100% focus and effort, and I want everything to be perfect, so I prepare longer than my usual cosplays. That’s why I only join them when I have time, and money.

Princess Amalie (Ludwig Kakumei)

Cosplay Gen: Care to share with us a funny moment from your cosplay life?
Probably the funniest and most difficult part of cosplaying is when I try to explain to non-cosplaying folks what cosplay is. Because most of them (due to the current widespread of cosplay nowadays in our country) think it is a way to get to showbusiness or modelling industry.

Ragnarok Archbishop

Cosplay Gen: What do you like most about cosplay? What makes you continue doing it?
Cosplay for me is like a very complex and expensive hobby. It’s like working hard to make your collection grow and feeling contented at the end of the day seeing what a great job you’ve done.

Like most hobbies, you make friends who share the same passion and grow with your hobbies altogether. It’s also a way to showcase different sorts of talents aside from cosplaying itself, making our inner creativity shine.

Tifa Lockhart (Final Fantasy Advent Children)


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    Di rin! Mas OK nga toh eh.

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    Di mo naman kilala si myrtle kung di sumali ng pbb, e si Arianne sikat dahil sa Bakaloid.

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