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// June 7, 2011

The spring edition of Mondocon 2011 took place on May 14-15, at Hung Expo Center in Budapest, Hungary. There were lots of activities and contests, such as AMV, DDR, karaoke, drawing, gaming or fanfic. Of course, cosplay was among the highlights of the event, both on and off stage, and one could see cosplayers ranging from little kids up to entire families, enjoying the convention and having fun. [..]

Otaku Festival 20111

// June 4, 2011

In the weekend of May 21/22, in Bucharest took place another edition of Otaku Festival, where Romanian fans all over the country gathered in the capital to celebrate their passion for Japanese culture. Of course, among workshops, video projections, J-music corner, games and various booths, cosplay could not miss. [..]


Cosplay: The Series continues with a more delicate issue, exploring the way in which sexual identity is regarded among teenagers. Ocha, the vice-leader of the cosplay group, accidentally discovers that her brother, Jati, is gay; and, when confronted with him, she suddenly leaves the room, leaving Jati with the impression that she is “like everyone else”. [..]


In the beginning of the fourth episode of Cosplay: The Series, we find all the group members reunited and working hard to set their first original cosplay performance. Costumes, story, performing, everything is taken extremely seriously by our young protagonists. Bagas, the armor-maker of the group, arrives late at the meeting, and, in his attempt to make up for his delay, he accompanies Annisa for a shopping session. [..]


COSPLAY: The Series continues with a very touching third episode, focused on Nesya, the group’s Lolita. We take a short break from the actual “action” of the series, in order to find out what’s behind the sweet girl wearing all those frills and lace, who can make and eat delicious cookies without losing wait and who knows the way of sewing her beautiful dresses. [..]


After the introductory first episode, the second episode of COSPLAY: The Series immerses you directly into action. As the friendly approach in the “prologue” makes it so easy to be acquainted with the characters (the way they resemble a prototype of a certain aspect in the otaku world is absolutely delightful), it seems very natural to follow them into initializing their masterplan to save the Cosplay Club[..]


Lo and behold, the first episode of the cosplay comedy web series, COSPLAY: The Series, is out! For those of you who didn’t know, COSPLAY: The Series is a project originating from Indonesia, where a group of cosplayers and filmmakers named the Q-Cosushinkai Project initiative decided this would be a good way to tell their story of the culture they live and breathe everyday. We’ll be updating our site regularly with their episodes.

Megacon 20110

// April 3, 2011

Megacon is a 4-day event which takes place at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. The 2011 edition took place during March 25-27 and it had all sorts of activities such as panels, screenings, cosplay contests, autograph signing, larping etc. [..]

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