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Japan Expo Paris 20132

// December 17, 2013
Japan Expo Paris is possibly the largest Japanese Traditional Culture, Anime, Games and Pop Cultural event outside Japan, boosting a staggering figure of 280 000 unique visitors over 4 days of its exciting, unique and fun-packed agenda. [..]

Otaku Festival 20130

// December 10, 2013
In the morning of May 11th, the DJ broadcasting from the local Otaku Radio announced the beginning of Otaku Festival 2013 – Lucky edition; why “lucky”? Because it was the 7th year in which this festival continued to be organized, proving that conventions start to gain momentum also in the South-Eastern Europe. [..]

The second season of Cosplay: The Series has already come to an end, with episodes 16,17 and 18. I’m sure many of you would have wanted to witness more of the Q-Cosushinkai members’ adventures, and we all hope we’ll meet them again soon. [..]


The adventures of the Q-Cosushinkai members continue to unfold over other three new episodes of Cosplay: The Series, filled with suspense, thrill and also humor, reveling unexpected and breathtaking situations, which just make you want to find out immediately what happens next. But let’s see what episodes 13, 14 and 15 have in store for us… [..]


I’m sure you all remember the Q-Cosushinkai crew, who were the protagonists of Cosplay: The Series. To the joy of many of you, they returned in a second season packed with adventure, thrill, and surprises who will definitely take your breath away. [..]

STGCC 20110

// August 26, 2011

The Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention, or STGCC for short, is an event that takes place anually in Singapore. This year’s STGCC took place at the Suntec Convention Centre during August 20 and August 21. It’s an event aimed at pop-culture enthusiasts and it combines the best of the East and West, bringing together, comics, toys, games, artists etc. [..]

Otakon 20110

// August 19, 2011

Otakon is one of the longest-running anime conventions in America, as well as the second biggest. This year was Otakon‘s 18th year, and the event was packed with all sorts of activities such as panels, fashion shows, costume contests, workshops etc. [..]

EuroCosplay 20103

// August 5, 2011

Twice a year, you will be hard pressed to find a more elaborately colourful multitude of people than at the London MCM Expo. In May and October, untold thousands gather as the ExceL Customs House bordering the Thames, for what is without a doubt one of, if not the biggest cosplay, comics and video game events in Europe. As usual, we were there at an ungodly hour in the morning to watch the sheer quantity of people pool in from all over the country (and the world), greeted by security guards who were cleverly disguised as stormtroopers. [..]

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