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Kotanimomo is a very versatile Australian cosplayer, with a very wide range of characters, chosen from anime, manga and games, and including both popular series (such as Macross Frontier), and less known works (notably Sidooh manga). [..]

Pamela Góngora / AiKiren (MX)4

// November 17, 2010

CG: Was it hard to find such a fitting place for the Miyoubi photoshoot?
Pamela Góngora / AiKiren: Originally we thought about taking the photoshoot on an elegant place; however, in our city it’s hard and expensive to find a place like that. After some thinking we decided to try going to one of the biggest graveyards of the city. At first we had a bit of trouble selecting the proper places to take the photos, but thankfully my boyfriend and the photographer had excellent ideas for the location and composition. [..]


Yuujin RuI is a Vietnamese cosplayer who succeeds in giving a special sensitive touch to his  characters of choice. He doesn’t just wear a costume, but also transposes the character into his own personal world. Thus his cosplays can be regarded as a very interesting symbiosis between the fictional universe of the anime and the inner reality of the cosplayer. [..]

Profile: Kirisaki (SG)5

// November 10, 2010

Cosplay Gen: What inspires you the most when choosing the characters you cosplay?
Kirisaki: Their (background) stories. It helps one better understand the character. Personality, behaviour wise. It gives inspiration for the kind of portrayal you want to carry off, and the kind of shots you want to have. [..]


Tisonit is a very promising photographer from Moscow, Russia, who has some very interesting projects and photos, taking both individual photoshoots of cosplayers and photoshoots at anime conventions in Russia. [..]


Cosplay Gen: What keeps you going in cosplay? (friends, the challenge in each costume, experience, attention)
Kyle: My friends are definitely the primary factor that keeps me in cosplay, with the challenge and experience at a close tie for second. I have made and maintained many friendships through conventions that I hope to never loose.

Profile: Endiru (ID/AUS)5

// October 14, 2010

Endiru is a group comprising of three girls – Orochi X, Pinky Lu Xun and Shinji X – who consider cosplay as a very complex form of art that combines various related fields. Their philosophy as a team is that one should make up for whatever skills the other lacks, in order to complete the whole.


Giorgia Vecchini has been in the cosplay scene for quite a while now, her portfolio including a wide range of characters, from Black Cat to Sailor Pluto.

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