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Calssara (DE)0

// August 7, 2011
Calssara is representing Germany at the World Cosplay Summit in 2011. She reveals all the deadly determination, red eyed accuracy and übercute efficiency of Siesta 45 as part of a bunny-girl commando. Many bewitching photos, full of mystery and intrigue, await you. Prepare yourselves for Transylvanian characters of noble and arrogant birth with multi-layered fabrics able to leech-out every lol and shout you've got in your carmine heart. [..]

VickyBunnyAngel (CA)0

// July 30, 2011
There is more to a particularly flamboyant costume-play than meets the eye. The sheer elegance and icy noblesse of Astharoshe Asran reveals more than intrigue and imperial propaganda. The skills involved in finishing up are full with expert knowledge. If you don't work in the dye industry and if you don't learn every tailoring technique the hard way – then you will have to talk with VickyBunnyAngel. She will teach you about cosworx, Sculpey and wonderflex! [..]

Profile: Ryoko (RU)8

// July 10, 2011
Ryoko from Russia inhabits a vast fairyland together with her R&R team members. In an enchanted grove she will embody very different creatures of the forest. In lush surroundings, the mischievous and threatening Lum Invader barely hides her savage temper under tiger-stripped bikinis and Go-go boots. Yet take a turn beyond the FernGully and you will bump into Crysta, a winged crystalline girl hiding behind the damp carpet of moss. [..]

Profile: Hydeaoi (HK)1

// May 8, 2011
Well, time to get our aces out of the sleeve, and begin revealing the goodies prepared for you in Cosplay Gen #03! Hydeaoi is one of the featured cosplayers, whom you guys helped us discover, and she's also on one side of the limited edition poster. Now, we're delighted to present you with her profile! This is the first full-width profile on our website, something new we're trying out; let us know what you think! [..]

Yolkler (TH)1

// January 23, 2011

Cosplay Gen: What is your favorite cosplay up till now and why?
Yolkler: I don’t have a favorite cosplay, because I always think I can make another one that’s better. But, up till now, maybe Mononoke (Kusuriuri), because Japanese people told me that my Kusuriuri cosplay is the same as the Kusuriuri character. [..]

Monique Dimanlig (PH)1

// January 9, 2011

Cosplay Gen: You specialize in geisha costumes and traditional cosplay; how long did you research geisha and traditional make-up and fashion in order to reach this level?
Monique: Two years and ongoing. It’s a learning process and I can safely say that, considering the amount of information and the depth of this particular culture, I am still a beginner. I don’t believe I have the right to say that I am any more than that – I believe that I’m always learning new things and trying to get better as much as I can. [..]

Zam / Gixxer85 (MY)10

// December 28, 2010

Cosplay Gen: How did you make the Master Chief suit?
Zam: The process is actually simple. The base layers are made from a thick 250gsm matte card. Here, the details and main structure come to life. After that, all the finished paper structure is covered with fiberglass resin to make it rigid. Matte Card absorbs it and becomes rigid from inside out. Fiberglass mat was used in the inside to avoid the details on the outside getting covered. The fiberglass just makes the paper structure more rigid so it can withstand some sort of damage when wearing it. [..]

Phoenixiaoio (CN)2

// December 1, 2010

Cosplay Gen: There are a lot of versions of Hatsune Miku; what did you see in the 1925 Hatsune Miku version?
Phoenixiaoio: As you say, there are lots of versions, and I think they are extremely different from each other. 1925 is such a cute song and its lyrics contain the historical fact of the year 1925 in Japan. It is the first year when female conductors were used for the trains of Japan. Also, the year was marked by unrest and civilization crowd. People started to reflect whether money is important or not. I think that is what I see in the 1925 version. [..]

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