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DEES (HK,China)1

// November 14, 2011
Her Hong Kong cosplaying expertise reenacts stylish and sophisticated male characters from a wide selection. Ishida Mitsunari from Sengoku Basara 3 comes to life after tedious and relentless work and advanced armor making. We learn that good backdrops and proper locations are hard to find, but once you’re there, nothing can stop her becoming Hotaru from Zone-00, a rather slick and complicated kind of guy. Tailored smoothness comes to town. [..]

Sushi Monster (US)3

// October 4, 2011
Californian Sushi Monster makes you wanna count every droplet of blood on Rei’s battle-torn skirt. She’s got tremendous amounts of umami-good taste and flavor for all of us. Her weapons of choice are cutting-edge scissors and dynamic paintbrushes. Her many facets and characters include Oerba Dia Vanille from Final Fantasy XIII, radiantly roaming on wild meadows, in a pink halter top with beaded necklaces and bracelets. [..]

Omi Gibson (JP)2

// August 21, 2011
If the Japanese cosplay community is “fairly closed” then it can surely bring out the best in you. OMI GIBSON is not only a long-time veteran cosplayer, she is also a multifarious and polymorphic being unleashing her sexy army of strong characters upon us mortals. Jumping at you, swinging a murderous baseball bat or just quietly sipping dark red wine. Clearly there is no quick getaway. Seductive, brash and self-reliant, she is teaching us hard lessons about how video game characters can change your life forever. [..]

Pixelninja (SE)2

// August 15, 2011
Some of the most impressive galactic bounty hunters definitely come from Sweden, and they are both fierce and sporting some killer looks. Pixelninja is guiding us into the avianoid Chozo workshops and their deep knowledge of Power Suit technologies. Otherwise how can one account for such DIY skills of bending and seamlessly joining earthly lion boards and larissa fabrics? As always, video game heroines are full of unknown and phenomenal power-ups. [..]

Calssara (DE)0

// August 7, 2011
Calssara is representing Germany at the World Cosplay Summit in 2011. She reveals all the deadly determination, red eyed accuracy and übercute efficiency of Siesta 45 as part of a bunny-girl commando. Many bewitching photos, full of mystery and intrigue, await you. Prepare yourselves for Transylvanian characters of noble and arrogant birth with multi-layered fabrics able to leech-out every lol and shout you've got in your carmine heart. [..]

VickyBunnyAngel (CA)0

// July 30, 2011
There is more to a particularly flamboyant costume-play than meets the eye. The sheer elegance and icy noblesse of Astharoshe Asran reveals more than intrigue and imperial propaganda. The skills involved in finishing up are full with expert knowledge. If you don't work in the dye industry and if you don't learn every tailoring technique the hard way – then you will have to talk with VickyBunnyAngel. She will teach you about cosworx, Sculpey and wonderflex! [..]

Profile: Ryoko (RU)8

// July 10, 2011
Ryoko from Russia inhabits a vast fairyland together with her R&R team members. In an enchanted grove she will embody very different creatures of the forest. In lush surroundings, the mischievous and threatening Lum Invader barely hides her savage temper under tiger-stripped bikinis and Go-go boots. Yet take a turn beyond the FernGully and you will bump into Crysta, a winged crystalline girl hiding behind the damp carpet of moss. [..]

Profile: Hydeaoi (HK)1

// May 8, 2011
Well, time to get our aces out of the sleeve, and begin revealing the goodies prepared for you in Cosplay Gen #03! Hydeaoi is one of the featured cosplayers, whom you guys helped us discover, and she's also on one side of the limited edition poster. Now, we're delighted to present you with her profile! This is the first full-width profile on our website, something new we're trying out; let us know what you think! [..]
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