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Darcy (AU)1

// February 26, 2014
Australian cosplayer Darcy is always taking seriously the challenge of making a new costume and he’s always eager to learn new skills and achieve the best results, even if that means a lot of trial and error, sweat and sleepless nights. [..]

Angie0_0 (MY)0

// February 4, 2014
Although always complimented for looking cute, Angie doesn’t stop to cosplaying only cute characters. To her, cosplay is a means of evolving, and she is constantly willing to attempt new and challenging cosplay and photography concepts. [..]

Elffy (FI)1

// June 6, 2013
Elffi finally introduces us to a world where costume perfection also allows for much easiness and enjoyment from the start till the finish line. This is a precious piece of advice when one is pressured to achieve the best. [..]
From Evangelion's Asuka flashy full body plugsuit to Snow White, Nikita is never exhausting the endless potential of embodying fabled characters. It is not only about wearing it. It is also about learning to be charismatic and outspoken under a new guise. [..]

Hagaren (CH)1

// October 12, 2012
As expected, China has a blooming scene and lots of places to cosplay. Hagaren has the Chenghuang Miao Temple behind her, and all the important materials to make a show of it. [..]

Shuichi Shindou (RU)0

// August 29, 2012
Shuichi Shindou relates his adventures as a forger of contemporary fairytales and Russian high-end cosplaying. While sewing, fixing and armor-making are on, rehearsing is the next big challenge, and getting into the character is very serious business. [..]

Aura Rinoa’s Blood Elf Priestess has established Southern Italy and Sicily firmly in the sky of costume cosmic play. World of Warcraft is (thankfully!) not only about over-sized sweaty saturated fat-laden and overly depressed dorks. [..]

Meagan Marie (USA)4

// August 10, 2012
Meagan Marie went from commercial modeling during college to discovering a fulfilling and diverse community of like-minded photographers and make-up wizards. Gaming can be a serious educative milieu. [..]
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