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// March 6, 2015
Coming from a country where cosplay is receiving a growing attention, Ukrainian Kirana has already established herself as a very talented cosplayer, with a keen eye for choosing her characters. She likes the challenges in cosplay, so it’s not unusual to see her posing for her photoshoots in water or working with all kinds of accessories, even with fire! [..]


// February 27, 2015
Being twins is surely fun. Being cosplayer twins doubles the fun. Yuuri-C and Yuuri-K are not only a great pair of sisters, but also a great team of cosplayers, helping each other while working on a costume, or during private photoshoots. They always have fun cosplaying together, both at photoshoots and at conventions, regarding themselves as a team and never as rivals. [..]


// February 20, 2015
She loves warrior-type women, with a strong body and soul, and she does a great job depicting them in cosplay. Witches, secret agents, villains from various anime, manga or games – she tried them all, but to her a future challenge would definitely be cosplaying as real people. Keep an eye on her amazing work! [..]

Angela Bermúdez (CR)

// February 13, 2015
Through Angela Bermudez, exotic Costa Rica started to have something to say in cosplay. With an eclectic range of character types and costumes, Angela has already added 7 years’ worth of experience in this art, always preferring strong characters with interesting stories, or costumes that are challenge to make. [..]

Xrystal (SG)2

// June 10, 2014
Her cosplays are perhaps the best visual documenting of Alice Liddell from Alice Madness Returns. From the Misstitched version, to the default Classic version, Xrysx from Singapore walks us through the distorted world of her heroine, and offers an insight upon the character in various adaptations, mastering costume-crafting, as well as make-up and acting. [..]

Sikay (FR)9

// April 15, 2014
French cosplay never ceases to catch the eye of the audience. Sikay showed us how to play the perfect Alita, and also how to switch smoothly from a plugsuit or an impressive Styria costume to a playful My Little Pony outfit. To her, cosplay is fun, and this is why she prefers cosplaying in a group along with her friends. [..]

Ying Tze (MY)9

// March 18, 2014
Malaysian Ying Tze always pays great attention to the slightest detail, from wig to make-up, making sure she completes the overall look of her chosen character. To her, costume making is a very complex process, which she carefully follows step by step, from initial preparation to the final appearance at events. [..]

Manuel D’Andrea1

// March 11, 2014
In only two years he has reached the top level through a remarkable talent and artistic skill. Manuel from Italy showed the world some of the most accurate and beautiful personifications of Edward Scissorhands or Headless Horseman. [..]
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