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We have finally finished checking and validating the votes for Community’s Choice, and now we are able to present you the final results! [..]


As the work for CosplayGEN #05 is in full progress, it’s time to open the call for submissions for one of the columns completely dedicated to the public: Worldwide Fans. [..]


The voting period for Community’s Choice has ended. Thank you all for the wonderful photos you submitted and for the dedication in voting your favorite cosplayers. We will announce the final results shortly, after carefully analyzing and validating the votes. Just stay tuned and don’t forget to regularly check and our website and social network pages!


The submission period for Community’s Choice – Vocaloid edition column for Cosplay Gen #05 has ended. We’d like to thank all the cosplayers for their wonderful photos. We were glad to see lots of very well done Mikus, Kaitos or Gakupos, and we’re sure the competition will be pretty tough. Unfortunately, there were some photos who didn’t meet the requirements specified beforehand, so we had no choice but to disqualify them from the contest. [..]

Final countdown for Hyper Japan!0

// February 11, 2012

We hope you are all already prepared for HYPER JAPAN, the exquisite Japan-centered event who takes place in London between February 24 and 26, in which Cosplay Gen is delighted to be a media partner. And if you want to participate in the World Cosplay Summit and European Cosplay Gathering contests, keep in mind you have only one day left to register, so hurry up and book your place in the preliminaries! [..]

In order to celebrate the partnership with our new friends from Crypton Future Media, the Community’s Choice contest in Cosplay Gen #5 will have a special theme: Vocaloid. As the title implies, we will accept in the contest only Vocaloid cosplays, so if you have a good photo of you in Miku, Luka, Gakupo, Kaito or any other Vocaloid, take your chance and submit it! [..]

We are happy to announce the new partnership between Cosplay Gen and Hyper Japan, the UK’s largest J-culture event, with an annual attendance of over 34,000, and boasting a wide selection of authentic Japanese and Japan-inspired exhibitors. From fashion, to food, to film – HYPER JAPAN is a celebration of everything ‘cool’ in modern Japan. [..]


Many of you sent us e-mails to ask about the first issue of Cosplay Gen, to see if it’s going to be reprinted or if there are still some copies left, because, as you have probably noticed by now, the pilot issue of this project is already sold out. The concept behind Cosplay Gen is to make each issue a unique, collectible book-like magazine, therefore we won’t reprint the sold-out issues. Nevertheless, in order to thank you all for the support given throughout these almost two years since the launching of Cosplay Gen, we prepared a Holidays surprise for you! [..]

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