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Update: Looks like this one wasn’t hard for you guys either. As you’ve all guessed, it’s Nikita from Paris, France, with her Asuka Langley Soryuu (Neon Genesis Evangelion) cosplay. [..]

Cosplay GEN at UppCon 12!0

// May 18, 2012

Cosplay Gen is honored to announce its participation in the jury of the cosplay championships organized within the 2012 edition of UppCon (15-17 June 2012), the largest convention not only in Sweden, but also in Scandinavia, whose previous edition was reviewed in Cosplay GEN #04. [..]


Update: Dear fellows, we apologise for the delay. The Cosplay GEN team was very busy this period, but we also have some very good news: the magazine is already in print, and starting next week we’ll begin the distribution to those who preordered it. Special thanks to all those who have already preordered the magazine, and to all those who are purchasing the magazine and thus keep this project alive. [..]


Update: Looks like this one wasn’t hard for you guys at all. Yes indeedy folks, it’s Adelhaid with her Erzsébet (Elizabeth) from Horror Collector cosplay! We’re very proud to have her featured in our fifth issue! [..]


Update: Ok, so a week has passed and the contest is now over! Thanks again to everyone who participated in the contest, looks like it wasn’t at all hard for you guys to guess this one. As you’ve all guessed, it’s Yami from Sweden, with her Giant Majini (Resident Evil 5) cosplay. [..]


It’s spring, so it’s time for Cosplay Gen #05! The good news is that the new issue is almost done with the last preparation stage, and ready to go to the printers! As usual, the magazine will bring you [..]


This spring, Cosplay Gen is already two years old, and, as an anniversary gift, the second issue of the magazine is SOLD OUT and available for free of charge in digital edition. Thanks everyone for the love and support and we hope you’ll be with us for the future issues too!

The L'Arc-en-Ciel tickets giveaway organized with the help of AEG Live, for the band's concert in New York, ended. We'd like to thank all those who took part in the contest. We received 77 answer entries, and the randomly chosen winner was no. 18 - William Steimel from New Jersey. Congratulations and enjoy the show! [..]

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