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French cosplay never ceases to catch the eye of the audience. Sikay showed us how to play the perfect Alita, and also how to switch smoothly from a plugsuit or an impressive Styria costume to a playful My Little Pony outfit. [..]

This is a special delivery5

// September 22, 2013

In order to deliver Cosplay GEN #06 in the best possible conditions to our readers from around the world, we upgraded the shipping & delivery of this issue with an ultra protect-able & collectable cardboard box. Below are a few steps of the making of our special delivery. [..]

Manuel from Italy showed the world some of the most accurate and beautiful personifications of Edward Scissorhands or Headless Horseman and also fascinated his audience with his acting as the character onstage. [..]
Although always complimented for looking cute, Angie doesn’t stop to cosplaying only cute characters. [..]
Maybe many of you wanted to make perfect armors and there were times when this seemed practically impossible. Fortunately, nowadays a huge range of materials is widely available, and, among these, Worbla is gaining more and more popularity. [..]
Her cosplays are perhaps the best visual documenting of Alice Liddell from Alice Madness Returns. From the Misstitched version, to the default Classic version, Xrysx from Singapore walks us through the distorted world of her heroine... [..]
Australian cosplayer Darcy is always taking seriously the challenge of making a new costume and he’s always eager to learn new skills and achieve the best results, even if that means a lot of trial and error, sweat and sleepless nights. [..]

Pre-order Cosplay GEN #060

// August 13, 2013
The cover story of Cosplay GEN #06 is the Japanese cosplayer Reika! You will be able to read an extended interview with her, and to find out more about this so very talented artist. Cosplay GEN #06 will be launched on September 15, but it's available for pre-order starting right now. Cosplay GEN #06 will bring you a double sided poster, sticker, postcard and also a custom-made cardboard box with an original screen print illustration. [..]

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