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Cosplay GEN @ J-Popcon0

// March 23, 2014

We are delighted to announce that the Cosplay GEN team will be present at this year’s J-Popcon in Copenhagen, Denmark. [..]

Last post of 20130

// December 30, 2013

We hope everyone is enjoying the holidays this time of year. This is our last post of 2013. We’re very happy and delighted to offer to all our online followers the free digital edition of Cosplay GEN #05 (print edition is sold out) on Issuu, along with the back issues. Enjoy reading! [..]

Cosplay GEN #06 preview17

// October 16, 2013
We’re proud to present you our sixth Cosplay Gen issue. So far it’s been a wonderfully wild ride which is continuing due to you, our followers, friends & contributors. [..]
For Julia, cosplay means equally crafting and acting as the characters she loves, and sharing her knowledge with the others as a jury member and cosplay panelist, as well as helping improve the cosplay community through her experience as an event organizer. [..]
Malaysian Ying Tze always pays great attention to the slightest detail, from wig to make-up, making sure she completes the overall look of her chosen character. To her, costume making is a very complex process, which she carefully follows step by step, from initial preparation to the final appearance at events. [..]

As we promised before, here it’s just a short preview of Cosplay GEN #06 (26 pages of 80). In the next and final preview, we’ll show you more pages, details and bonus included. All the pre-orders are sent and we’re looking forward for your feedback. Many thanks again and again to all our contributors and readers for their constant support in creating together such an amazing issue. [..]

French cosplay never ceases to catch the eye of the audience. Sikay showed us how to play the perfect Alita, and also how to switch smoothly from a plugsuit or an impressive Styria costume to a playful My Little Pony outfit. [..]

This is a special delivery5

// September 22, 2013

In order to deliver Cosplay GEN #06 in the best possible conditions to our readers from around the world, we upgraded the shipping & delivery of this issue with an ultra protect-able & collectable cardboard box. Below are a few steps of the making of our special delivery. [..]

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