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After over 5 years of collaboration and support in the worldwide cosplay community from our readers, contributors & followers, it’s time for Cosplay GEN to show its gratitude through Cosplay GEN Awards. [..]

She loves warrior-type women, with strong a body and soul, and she does a great job depicting them in cosplay. Witches, secret agents, villains from various anime, manga or games - she tried them all, but to her a future challenge would definitely be cosplaying as real people. Keep an eye on her amazing work! [..]

We are happy to be among the press media partners of Japan Expo. Cosplay GEN magazine team will be in Paris at the anniversary edition of one of the most awaited conventions in Europe. [..]

Attracted mainly by villains and silent dark kind of characters, Yuri surely knows how to choose those that are perfectly fit for both his body type and facial features. His cosplays are always incredible depictions of his chosen characters, be it Mukuro Rokudo from Katekyou Hitman Reborn, or Kuja from Final Fantasy IX Dissidia. [..]
Dear readers and followers, the moment has arrived for us to announce our next issue and, at the same time, ask for your support again to keep this magazine alive. We're very proud to announce our next cover story: Rei Doll from Russia! The pre-orders of Cosplay Gen #07 have just started, but be advised, there are only 1000 copies available worldwide! More features and details of Cosplay Gen #07 will be discovered in the upcoming days, stay tuned and many thanks for your massive support! [..]

Cosplay GEN @ Animecon0

// June 12, 2014

We are happy to announce that this weekend Cosplay GEN will be present at Animecon in The Netherlands, on June 13-15! Ruxandra, our editor-in-chief, will also hold a panel about Cosplay GEN on Saturday (from 15:00 to 16:00), about the magazine and how we prepare each issue and will answer all your magazine-related questions. [..]

Cosplay GEN @ J-Popcon0

// March 23, 2014

We are delighted to announce that the Cosplay GEN team will be present at this year’s J-Popcon in Copenhagen, Denmark. [..]

Last post of 20130

// December 30, 2013

We hope everyone is enjoying the holidays this time of year. This is our last post of 2013. We’re very happy and delighted to offer to all our online followers the free digital edition of Cosplay GEN #05 (print edition is sold out) on Issuu, along with the back issues. Enjoy reading! [..]

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