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Community’s Choice3

// July 9, 2011

In celebration of our Facebook fanpage reaching over 10.000 fans, we’re proud to announce the launch of a new column called Community’s Choice. In Cosplay Gen #03 we launched the Worldwide Fans column, where people could submit their photos on our deviantART group and we’d pick a few to be featured in the magazine. [..]

CosplayGen #03 Preview4

// June 30, 2011
Cosplay Gen #03 never gets tired of celebrating our global cosplay multiverse with interviews & profiles of cosplayers and photographers alike. Close encounters with Hydeaoi (CN), Lina Lau (UK), OMI GIBSON (JP), TASHA (KR), Cvy (SG), Calssara (DE), Sushi Monster (US), Pixelninja (SE), VickyBunnyAngel (CA), DEES (HK), LennethXVII (SG), Cyril Lumboy (PH) and Ryoko (RU); Eric Ng (US), and Acksonl (CA), among others! [..]

Cosplay Gen #03 Promo Cards1

// June 21, 2011

The Cosplay Gen team, in collaboration with cosplayers, photographers, and the illustrator of the magazine, Cristian Dirstar aka Akira, have made a series of 12 promotional cards containing information about cosplayers and Cosplay Gen. These cards will be distributed together with the magazine and also at the partner conventions from around the world.


Update: Looks like this one wasn’t hard for you guys at all. Yes indeedy folks, it’s OMI GIBSON with her Motoko Kusanagi from Ghost in the Shell cosplay! We’re very proud to have her featured in our third issue! [..]

Cosplay Gen #03 is out!0

// May 31, 2011

The magazine has safely landed in our hands and we’re very proud of how it came out, plus you gotta love the smell of a freshly printed copy! Soon, we will be posting a preview on our website. As of today we’ll start shipping out all the pre-orders to you guys. Those of you who haven’t ordered it yet can do so now through out Shop page! Thanks for the love and support! [..]

Worldwide Fans0

// May 29, 2011
We feel we owe a lot to a wide community of worldwide cosplayers without whom we would still sob after superheroes/heroines existing only on screen, paper, in video games or OVAs. Now we believe that they truly walk the earth and are living all around us. You brought them closer than ever before. [..]

Sweden is stepping up the cosplay game this year with its the first Swedish Championship in Cosplay, which will be held at UppCon: 11 on the 5th of June, 2011. The final contestants have been picked from the four major conventions in Sweden: MeuwCon, UppCon (10), ConFusion and NärCon. Two more spots will be selected from an ongoing competition on the internet and four more contestants will be chosen at this year’s UppCon.


Update: Alright, it’s time we announce our winner for this week! Looks like this one wasn’t as easy as the first two cosplayers we posted, some thinking it was either Ju Tsukino or Yuki Lefay. But it wasn’t, and as some of you have guessed, it’s Pixelninja from Sweden with her Samus Aran from Metroid cosplay! [..]

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