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Our jury has finally made their decision and now we are revealing the semi-finalists, the finalists and two winners of our cosplay competition on the new CGA site (! [..]


// February 2, 2016
Cosplay GEN has officially opened its most awaited competition and challenges you to take part in the Cosplay GEN Awards! Embark in this cosplay adventure, cultivate your skills and gather all the fruits of your efforts and enthusiasm! Take pride in your characters, come on board and register! [..]

Cosplay GEN Awards are coming…2

// December 16, 2015

Fellow supporters and contributors, after days of serious preparations and gardening mountains of ideas, we are ready to share a precious secret with you! [..]


NHK WORLD TV’s Kawaii International presents “Tokyo Above-Underground: Fashion Show by Misha Janette”, introducing the latest Tokyo street styles by 10 unique Japanese designers. Filmed at Club Verboten in Brooklyn on August 29, 2015. “Tokyo Above-Underground” showcases several looks never seen before in the US including Vintage Fairy, Kawaii Anarchy, Hyper-Decora and Future Asian. [..]


STGCC is stoked to present the inaugural Championships of Cosplay this year! Raising the standards of cosplay in Singapore, watch as the region’s top cosplayers and budding enthusiasts battle it out to represent STGCC at [..]

Cosplay GEN has always tried to bring you the most diverse of selections, from diva outfits to body suits and heavy armors, and this issue is no exception. This time, we chose to bring forth something a bit different, which we considered no less worth of at¬tention, and that is mecha cosplay, splendid metal mobile suits with a human inside. [..]

We have some great news for our American readers and fans. After successful collaborations with important European conventions such as Japan Expo/ECG in France, J-Popcon in Denmark, Animecon in The Netherlands, Connichi in Germany or Hyper Japan in UK – to mention just a few – this year we are invited by our new friends and collaborators from Anime Matsuri to visit their event in Houston, Texas. [..]


Thinking about a new Cosplay GEN issue? Cosplay GEN #09 is ready for pre-order, this time in a very special edition focused mainly on mecha cosplay! [..]

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