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Cosplay Gen‘s first Community’s Choice contest ended a while back, and here we are with an interview with our third place winner, Seranaide from Italy! She won the contest with her Hizaki from Versailles cosplay! [..]

Lina Lau ( London / Hong Kong)4

// October 25, 2011
Cosplaying and holidays can have a lot in common if you are ready to prepare well beforehand. Leather and furs in hot summer, and sleeveless in the winter because you can’t be choosy if you’re close to the perfect backdrop. Infectious enthusiasm and a supporting crew is the fuel behind every effort put into refined and exquisite propmaking. Cosplaying in Hong Kong and elsewhere is much more than mere competitive drive or just wanting to outshine everybody else. [..]

In August 2011, Eric Greer participated as a media team director in the Otakuthon convention in Montréal, Québec, together with Christine Lee, and interviewed the famous cosplayer Yaya Han, who was also featured in the first issue of Cosplay Gen. [..]

Tasha (KR)5

// September 19, 2011
TASHA from Korea is a hyper spiral cat. So, get a glimpse into the never ending rehearsals, endless presentations and utter exhaustion going on backstage and on-stage. But look at the stunning results! Sheryl Nome’s galactic fairy wardrobe might lie close at hand and wig styling may open up a new world of curly whiplash wonders. Teamwork and group decisions are vital for choosing the best match, and photographers are always key players themselves. [..]

Hakuren-Naoki [Cosplayer]5

// September 1, 2011

This time, Cosplay Gen presents Hakuren-Naoki, a young and promising cosplayer from Thailand, who has already begun to be acknowledged in this hobby, participating in various cosplay events, the most recent one being in Indonesia, where she also had a photo session together with Kaname and the photographer Hexlord. If you want to find out about her experiences as a cosplayer, read the interview below. [..]

Hexlord [Cosplay Photographer]6

// August 17, 2011
Already with a history of several years in cosplay photography, Hexlord was amongst the first friends of Cosplay Gen, where he kindly agreed to publish his beautiful shots since the pilot issue. Very dedicated to this hobby, to the extent of transforming the result of a mere photo-shoot into a veritable artwork, he accepted to share with our readers and fans some of his experiences as a cosplay photographer, in the interview below. For more of his cosplay photos, don’t forget to visit his deviantART page. [..]
Already very well known in the worldwide cosplay community, Shiro Ang is also one of the first friends of Cosplay Gen, having its photos published in each issue. Never ceasing to amaze through his beautiful portraits and stills, he is also the no.1 contributor on Cosplay Gen group, submitting his wonderful works for the view of as many cosplay fans as possible. Very talented not only as a cosplay photographer, but also as a photographer as such, Shiro was kind enough to reveal some of his opinions regarding cosplay photography for our readers... [..]

NadiaSK [Cosplayer]6

// July 5, 2011

Italy has never failed in providing the community with very talented cosplayers. Many of you probably know NadiaSK from Milan, winner of many important awards (Best Female Cosplay at Cospladya 2010 in Palermo; 2nd place at Miss Cosplay, Festival del Fumetto 2010; Best Female Cosplay at Oscar del Cosplay 2009 – to name just a few, along with other several group awards), and was also one of the Italy representatives at World Cosplay Summit 2008 in Nagoya, Japan. [..]

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