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Interview: Kira Winter3

// August 2, 2012
To counterbalance the overwhelming drive to impersonate your favorite character, you need a photographer. Not only that; you need someone like Kira Winter. This comes with a certain degree of stoicism combined with an understanding of your character or of any character you might have to become. [..]

Yan / Cvy (SG)1

// July 12, 2012
Cosplay as body art. Cvy’s Alice in Steampunkland Singapore team was steadily growing since we bumped into them last time. Now Cvy teaches us how to confront logistic nightmares linked to limited locations and tight schedules. [..]
Cosplay photography doesn’t mean just nice poses and pretty faces and costumes. Behind all the pictures you admire there is a very complex world, which many of us don’t even imagine. [..]

We know we’re a bit late with this one, but here’s the interview with our first Community’s Choice contest’s second place winner, Arianne Gonzaga from Philippines. [..]

Acksonl (CA)2

// March 18, 2012
Cosplay Gen: Can you tell us a few introductory words about yourself?
Acksonl: I work for a large Canadian retailer during the day, fight crime at night, and shoot cosplay on weekends... [..]

A Steampunk Diva: Lizbit2

// February 4, 2012
An admirer of Steampunk, bringing to life characters who seem teleported right from the Victorian era, Canadian model Lizbit surely knows how to put together outfits that are at the same time retro and sexy, elegant and coquettish. I am particularly fond of Steampunk and I discovered her works by pure chance, while doing some research; and when seeing her Lady Mechanika, it was love at first sight with her Steampunk cosplays. [..]

Cosplay Gen‘s first Community’s Choice contest ended a while back, and here we are with an interview with our third place winner, Seranaide from Italy! She won the contest with her Hizaki from Versailles cosplay! [..]

Lina Lau ( London / Hong Kong)4

// October 25, 2011
Cosplaying and holidays can have a lot in common if you are ready to prepare well beforehand. Leather and furs in hot summer, and sleeveless in the winter because you can’t be choosy if you’re close to the perfect backdrop. Infectious enthusiasm and a supporting crew is the fuel behind every effort put into refined and exquisite propmaking. Cosplaying in Hong Kong and elsewhere is much more than mere competitive drive or just wanting to outshine everybody else. [..]
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