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We have the honor of introducing you theses two magnificent Mexican cosplay artists, Danny Cosplay and Eliot, who also happen to be the winners of the first two places at COMCOM!! Tijuana, Mexico. [..]

Franseca / Hybridre0

// August 6, 2013
"Imagination may be limited, but gear is not always so. Talent is more like a feeling or inspiration than something that you’re originally born with; people can accumulate the experience and observation to enhance that talent." [..]

Maria / Adelhaid (RU)1

// July 30, 2013
Maria aka Adelhaid is coming from Moscow with one of the most cohesive and best-organized cosplay crews. She can pinpoint the limits of the perfect – but overused – indoor shooting studio. Even searching for the right feathers or the perfect sun-tan can became a nuisance, and the fact that the costume will outlive its cosplaying purpose and extend into local Theater schools makes it worth it! [..]
KANAME☆ can certainly teach us many things about the quirky relation that links diet, outer appearance and a hero-worshiping. Prop-making has become a consumate art for many, but KANAME☆ certainly brought it to a new height. Ever wondered how you can balance a 2kg model around; or how you can reduce not just your weight, but the whole prop’s – and still look fabulous? [..]

On March 30 and 31, in Bucharest took place East European Comic Con, an event that hosted about “over 9000” fans of comics, games, and also manga and anime. And, as in any Comic Con, cosplay was also an important part of the event. [..]

Yuegene Fay (TH)19

// September 14, 2012
You would never guess that Yuegene Fay from Thailand was a former bookworm. Visual kei bands have changed her looks and not only; she put her perfectionism into play and joined another dimension where the popularity of comic book characters joins the local and unique version to approach and tailor them. [..]

Costume showcase: Blitzcrank2

// August 4, 2012
Dear online readers, this weekend we are starting a new column on our website, witch is already available in print version that goes by the name: "Costume Showcase"! [..]

Interview: Kira Winter3

// August 2, 2012
To counterbalance the overwhelming drive to impersonate your favorite character, you need a photographer. Not only that; you need someone like Kira Winter. This comes with a certain degree of stoicism combined with an understanding of your character or of any character you might have to become. [..]

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