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MoguCosplay (IT)

// June 15, 2017
You already have a broad range of characters and many complex costumes. Tell us a bit about your evolution as a cosplayer and how you see yourself today in the worldwide cosplay scene. When I first got into cosplay, there were very few Italian cosplayers around, and the general mindset towards cosplaying (from materials, up to building techniques and competitions) was completely different from what it has become. In some respect, I have to admit it was better then than it is now. [..]

Francesco Ambuchi (IT)

// April 17, 2017
Meet Francesco Ambuchi, a very talented photographer from Italy! Francesco started working as a cosplay photographer 6 years ago and, since then, he developed his own photo bravura, showing a particular attention to colors and scenery, and carefully selecting his picture-making material. Let's admire his work and discover some of his opinions on cosplay photography! [..]


// August 6, 2015
One of the most talented cosplayers, not only in Russia, but worldwide as well, Astarohime tells us what it means to work with – literally – hundreds of meters of fabric and thousands of beads for only one dress. Being able to perfectly impersonate both beautiful princesses with large and lavishly decorated dresses, and male characters with simple costumes, Astarohime is a living example of the versatility of cosplay. [..]

Yuri Narss

// July 17, 2015
Attracted mainly by villains and silent dark kind of characters, Yuri surely knows how to choose those that are perfectly fit for both his body type and facial features. His cosplays are always incredible depictions of his chosen characters, be it Mukuro Rokudo from Katekyou Hitman Reborn, or Kuja from Final Fantasy IX Dissidia. [..]

Rei Doll

// July 6, 2015
Russia is without any doubt an endless resource of amazing cosplayers, and Rei is one of the best proofs for that. Versatile, able to adapt to any type of character, she has a wide range of cosplays, from Pokemon’s James to the Steampunk version of Poison Ivy, and all of them are flawless. [..]
"Behind a photoshoot" is a new column started in Cosplay GEN #07 with tips & tricks gathered from the best photoshoots found in the cosplay community and aims for those cosplayers and photographers who wish to improve their photo-shoots skills. We're starting this column with an amazing photo-shoot of Captain Jack Sparrow by cosplayer Vitaly Sparoff and photos by Slava Grebenkin from Russia. [..]

35Ryo (CN)1

// June 4, 2014
A seemingly endless pool of good cosplayers, China doesn’t have a shortage of brilliant photographers either. A master of the camera, 35Ryo loves to experiment with all kinds of lights, especially those that look as closest to natural lights as possible, creating stories and feelings centered on a character and conveyed through astonishing images. [..]

MiYo (KR)5

// September 24, 2013
MiYo prefers to play charismatic characters. She demonstrates that cosplayers can really transcend both gender roles and the constraints of one’s own body. Even outside the bounds of competition, cosplaying in Korea can be pretty busy and demanding. [..]
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