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Best on DA: volume 141

// February 27, 2013

Volume XIV of “Best on DA” is full of outstanding cosplay from around the world via our DA group members …it’s becoming harder and harder for us to choose the best submissions. For more amazing pictures please visit our DA group/folders and for submissions on this section/column, become a member. [..]

Best on DA: volume 130

// February 10, 2013

Volume XIII of “Best on DA” is here with amazing cosplayers and photographers from around the world with great characters from Evangelion 3.0, Final Fantasy, Angel Sanctuary, Trinity Blood to Soul Calibur or Assassin’s Creed 3… Thanks again to all our members for their constant submissions on the Cosplay GEN DA group. Keep up the good work! [..]

Best on DA: volume 120

// January 29, 2013

Dear readers, we are starting this week/year with a new volume of “Best on DA“; many cosplayers and photographers asked us how to submit their pictures for our site, social network and print magazine. Our deviant group is a perfect place for submissions, also very soon we’ll be starting our call for submission for “Community’s Choice” and “Worldwide fans” columns, so stay tuned! [..]

Happy Halloween!2

// October 31, 2012

Come out, come out, wherever you are, it’s time to celebrate the Halloween with a special edition of the Best on Deviant Art Column. We selected a few of our favorite cosplay submissions related with this special day from our group and more. Many thanks to our members for submissions. Everybody is welcome to suggest other great cosplay on our Deviant Group or here on the comment form below. Happy Halloween! [..]

volume 102

// October 15, 2012

We very much appreciate and welcome the “harvest” of new submissions. Presenting volume’s 10 first-rate cospaly deviations! You can visit or become a member of Cosplay GEN deviantArt group. By the way, your best cospalys will be promoted by us on Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest! [..]

volume 91

// October 2, 2012

With your help the cosplay community has grown and is much improved! We are happy to provide you with this week’s volume 9 containing the finest submissions. Feel free to visit, or become a member and submit on Cosplay GEN deviantArt group. [..]

volume 80

// September 24, 2012

Here is volume 8 of the best submissions on our DeviantART group!
Thanks again to our members for the amount of submissions. Also, every cosplayer or photographer are very welcome to visit, or become a member and submit on Cosplay GEN DeviantArt group. [..]

Best on deviantART0

// August 31, 2012

We are thankful for your weekly submissions that keep on coming!
Many of you have an opportunity to be known internationally. You can visit or become a member of Cosplay GEN deviantART group and also your best cosplays will be posted by us daily on our social network. [..]

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