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Best on DA: volume 320

// October 18, 2013

This week’s cosplay selection is the love child of Overwhelming-Passion and Utterly-Madness: dying soldiers, enraged demons and godesses, undead queens, courageous princesses or strict earls. Yes, we have them all and there’s plenty of free seats at the family table. [..]

Best on DA: volume 311

// October 10, 2013

We’re back fresh and ready for action. Check out this week’s top cosplay pics and if you simply want more, feel free to drop in! [..]

Best on DA: volume 301

// August 29, 2013

Brace yourselves for this week’s cosplay quest with some courageous assets; they’re both feisty and cute, dazzling and peculiar. And if you really want to quench your thirst, we’re always here for you. [..]

Best on DA: volume 291

// August 22, 2013

This week’s DA selection is looking to challenge the definition of ingenious cosplay in some breathtaking sceneries and shot by sleek photographers. It’s all borderline crazy-fantastic! Would you like some insight? [..]

Best on DA: volume 280

// August 15, 2013

Who said that warriors can’t get creative? Watch how the battles of greatness continue with this week’s selection. Choose your weapon and spread the creativity around through our DA folders. [..]

Best on DA: volume 2713

// August 8, 2013

Crazy doesn’t even begin to cover it! This week’s selection is determined to glide once again between the blurry borders of the cosplay universe. Taste adventure with each and every one of these shots … with clever aid from a few quadruped special guests. Come join us in this journey. [..]

Best on DA: volume 260

// August 1, 2013

It doesn’t matter what battle you’re fighting, we are all united under the same banner. Whether it’s League of Legends, Final Fantasy, Zangeki no Reginleiv or Dynasty Warriors, jubilant tears will be shed. Join our ranks at Cosplay Gen’ DA, have a voice and make submissions! [..]

Best on DA: volume 250

// July 25, 2013

Don’t miss out on this week’s fine selection of sugarcoated demon sisters, Disney princesses and bitter-sweet love stories. Tempted? We also have undead vindictive warriors and cyborgs. And two Pokémon. Indulge your cravings some more at Cosplay Gen’s DA, have a taste, become a member, make submissions. [..]

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