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Best on DA: volume 391

// January 30, 2014

Cosplay is a many-splendored thing so don’t miss out on this week’s astonishing selection. You can visit or become a member of our DA Group but most importantly keep the submissions coming and let your voices be heard! [..]

Best on DA: volume 380

// January 23, 2014

We’ve got a full lineup of terrifyingly good cosplay this week and we’re not afraid to show it. There are the usual suspects, Marvel and DC supervillains, pirates/assassins, witches and demon hunters, but we also bring you a few tenacious justice fighters and princesses. [..]

Best on DA: volume 370

// January 16, 2014

Leaving aside the tinsel and lights, we’re thrilled to introduce you a brand new DA cosplay compilation. Post-apocalyptic vampire priests, fantasy warriors, eccentric squad leaders and many more. [..]

Best on DA: volume 360

// November 21, 2013

When one aims for perfection, one discovers it’s a moving target, but these cosplayers have paused their quest long enough for some terrific pics. Come and help us bring more of them into the limelight! [..]

Best on DA: volume 350

// November 15, 2013

We’re back this week to shake up your senses with some pretty amazing hot shots, but only if you can handle spicy ‘n sweet in the same combo. But then again, you could always help us mix things up and create your own flavour. [..]

Best on DA: volume 341

// November 7, 2013

We continue the candy-sharing campaign by offering you our finest cosplay photos of this week. Just have a bite and some more. [..]


Trick or Treat us, our fellow creatures, because this Halloween cosplay selection is either downright terrifying or impossibly cute. Dead, undead, half dead, almost dead, long dead and pumpkins..lots of pumpkins. Don’t be a scaredy cat and visit us some more. [..]

Best on DA: volume 330

// October 24, 2013

With each spell and brew we’re getting closer and closer to wicked Halloween. But nothing can spook us from sharing these baroque creations masterfully displayed in this week’s cosplay selection. And as always, enjoy our witchful thinking some more. [..]

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