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Portrait Photography3

// March 16, 2013
I was told that I have a very classic portrait photography style; how true is that? I will leave it to the viewers to decide, as I believe art is very subjective and sometime down the road you will further develop your style or a change of style altogether. As long as you like it, it’s good enough. Photography is supposed to be fun and a means to express yourself. [..]

The Multiple Patterns of J-Rock1

// February 22, 2013
Do you believe in magic? In fairytales, in stories of worlds where everything is possible, where beauty is all over and bad things don't have even the slightest chance to ruin happiness?  Such a world exists and I'm inviting you to travel there with me. [..]
Whether it is your first time attending a cosplay convention, or if you’ve been going to such events for years, no matter if you are a photographer or a cosplayer, there are some basic “Do”-s and “Don’t”-s that remain true and very real, although they are mainly unspoken rules. [..]

J-Rock Cosplay2

// July 29, 2012
For the connoisseurs of the Visual-Kei scene, Versailles has become an icon. They are well known for their symphonic power metal sound, as well as their rococo-esque costumes that catch the eye immediately with their beauty and complexity. The late 18th century fashion influence over this band gave them a certain amount of uniqueness even in their genre, making them extremely popular, their fan-base increasing in numbers each day. [..]

We met Goldy-san in the autumn of 2011 in London, at MCM Expo, where he was a judge for EuroCosplay together with Sushi Monster from the USA and Pandy from Brasil. He also had a workshop, in an area right near the Cosplay GEN booth, so we had the rare opportunity to see him at work, sharing his knowledge with the eager cosplayers who were learning and having fun along with him. [..]

An introduction into Oshare-kei3

// February 24, 2012

Since its birth in the ‘80s, visual-kei has been one of the most vivid inspirational styles in Japan, spreading like wildfire all around the world. Typically comprising of dark colors and elaborate hair and makeup, visual-kei has always been striking, bold, and eccentric. At the turn of the century, though, visual-kei took on a whole new element that gave us something entirely different: oshare-kei. [..]


We are always delighted to make new friends, especially when these friends are wizards of their craft, with a story to tell and an example to give. Such a person is Witchiko from Brazil, author of the lace-painting tutorial from Cosplay Gen #4, a talented cosplayer and a remarkable plush-maker. [..]

If there was one Japanese streetfashion genre that has truly evolved, it has to be Lolita. Browsing the Gothic and Lolita Bible (or simply GLB) volume by volume, one could readily see the changes the fashion has gone through. The earlier look of Lolita is plain in terms of print but lavish in lace. The style is more to the Gothic and/or Classic side; black, white, deep red and blue were popular colors. [..]

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