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In many people’s mind, cosplay is most often related to complicated costumes, armors, impressive props, out-of-this world creatures and other visually stunning elements. But what about those characters who are depicted in casual clothes, with casual hairstyle and nothing out of ordinary to present at the first sight? [..]

Beyond the Staple1

// October 22, 2013
In almost all things, at some point, a certain dynamics is established, a pattern very thoroughly followed afterwards. In cosplay, this dynamics is pretty simple: a new series is launched -> some choose to cosplay as the main characters of that series -> both the series, and the cosplay become extremely popular -> a staple cosplay is born. [..]
Of all branches of cosplay, only few are as impregnated with such unlimited creativity as Steampunk, there’s nothing like seeing a costume that brings forth the nostalgia for the Victorian world of Industrial Revolution. [..]
Vocaloid has already become a turning point not only in music as such, but also in cosplay. In a very short time, it succeeded in attracting the attention of so many cosplayers, that presently there is almost none without at least a version of a Vocaloid costume. [..]
In a world full of Vocaloids, Ponies, Princesses, and other explosively popular fandom, it’s the costume creations they inspire us to produce that grab the majority of affection and attention of the cosplay community. This leaves little spotlight for more obscure titles, and therefore, more obscure cosplays. [..]

Portrait Photography0

// March 16, 2013
I was told that I have a very classic portrait photography style; how true is that? I will leave it to the viewers to decide, as I believe art is very subjective and sometime down the road you will further develop your style or a change of style altogether. As long as you like it, it’s good enough. Photography is supposed to be fun and a means to express yourself. [..]

The Multiple Patterns of J-Rock1

// February 22, 2013
Do you believe in magic? In fairytales, in stories of worlds where everything is possible, where beauty is all over and bad things don't have even the slightest chance to ruin happiness?  Such a world exists and I'm inviting you to travel there with me. [..]
Whether it is your first time attending a cosplay convention, or if you’ve been going to such events for years, no matter if you are a photographer or a cosplayer, there are some basic “Do”-s and “Don’t”-s that remain true and very real, although they are mainly unspoken rules. [..]
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