Best on DA: volume 522

// August 14, 2014

We searched for the perfect cosplay shots. Some are fluffy, some are rough, but they’re all gathered under the same banner of awesomeness.

Kill la kill – Satsuki Kiryuin by Pugoffka-sama

League of Legends : Battleborn Kayle by Shappi

Vocaloid: SeeU by Jencus

Kitty Cat Katarina by DigitalHikari

RIn by Alexia-Muller

Briareos / CycloneXHTC by ShashinKaihi

Rena (Night Watcher) 2 by rinoafatali

Rinoa Heartilly – Shooting Star by sophie-art

Cosplay Nonon Jakuzure by MahoCosplay

Inuyasha – Sango by the Devil-photography

Hellsing Seras Victoria – II by fiathriel

Brave – Princess Merida by TimmyFrost

Mad Moxxi – Borderlands by Melali

KILL la KILL – Ryuko Matoi by Fenyachan

Jessica Rabbit III by fiathriel

Steampunk White Rabbit by TwiSearcher85

Kurotowa by Reki-Konran

Annie and Tibbers by TitanesqueCosplay

Cowboy Bebop by TitanesqueCosplay

Vivi – One Piece Cosplay by Jibril-Cosplay

White Knight 13 by AmethystPrince

Nidalee by Azaak

Obey the Queen by Narga-Lifestream

Lili – Tekken by Ruty-chan

Jane and Trent Lane by LuckyStrike-cosplay

Captain Marvellous by MadeinPlute

~ever ever after | giselle by MarikoTanaka

Garrus Vakarian – Mass Effect by ShashinKaihi

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