Best on DA: volume 501

// July 24, 2014

This week’s cosplay shots are one big party with demons, elves, warriors, schoolgirls and a healthy dose of Marvel and DC characters. So bring your pointy party hats and join the celebration!

Maya -Kancolle- 05 by Shino-Arika

Nightwing 7 by AmethystPrince

Chill with Satana by Alexia-Muller

Road Kamelot by FransuazaStein

We need to run by gnitae

Wonder Woman by Giorgiacosplay

DC: Kitty Says Meow by Ocean-san

Warhammer 40,000 – Danger by alberti

Ciel Phantomhive by general-kuroru

Sakizo Princess White Rose by ShashinKaihi

Zidane by Pugoffka-sama

AION – Gunner by keiko-z

Tauriel 2 by LuckyStrike-cosplay

Eat your Veggies, Batman by etaru

She’s Got Thorns by TrustOurWorldNow

Hatsune Miku In Autumn by OpheliaChan

Fionna and Cake cosplay by Kyoosh

DW8 – Yue Jin by roadscream

Portal 2 – Chell by GlamForUs

Sailor Moon by xDanu

World’s End Dancehall by Luvnatsu

Fiora the Grand Duelist – II by riskbreaker

TrinityBlood: Crowned by Astarohime

Horror Collector by ElenaLeetah

Morrigan Aensland by 0kasane0

Caterina Sfronza by chinhy-sou

Juliet Starling by Jane-Po

fate/extra saber by 35ryo

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