Best on DA: volume 391

// January 30, 2014

Cosplay is a many-splendored thing so don’t miss out on this week’s astonishing selection. You can visit or become a member of our DA Group but most importantly keep the submissions coming and let your voices be heard!

Un-go – Inga by Shin8ix-cos

Saber Lily by Otohime-Hina

Nia on the sea by SaekoHatake

BAYONETTA Cosplay by TraumaCentreGrrl

Tekken: Lili Vs Anna by vaxzone

Kisaragi: Regal Empress by general-kuroru

Kanda x Lenalee by Otohime-Hina

Devil may cry: Vergil cosplay by TaisiaFlyagina

Levi/test#4 by theonlyVU

Levi by Kisaragikun

Ichinose Tokiya. Sing with Me by Kyo-kun90

Madoka Kaname by MissAnsa

Gadgetrial by Reki-Konran

Satan by alsim71

Wingardium leviosa! by Karenscarlet

Trinity Blood – Empress’s Chamber by adelhaid

I’ll find you Zelda by MargoIIIa

Sakai Mitsuki | Akakuchiru Boku no Ao by kimicosu

Zhong Hui by IscariotElian

Unlight – Stacia the Arlequin by OpheliaChan

Sweet Bunny by TaisiaFlyagina

Harley Quinn by Lie-chee

Kurama Naruto by Grimmjou

X 1999 by Tanuki-Tinka-Asai

Lady Thor by Ankh-Feels

Steampunk Red Riding Hood by Anita-Lust

Devil May Cry 3: Lady by TaisiaFlyagina

Biohazard: Jill Valentine by Narga-Lifestream

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