Best on DA: volume 350

// November 15, 2013

We’re back this week to shake up your senses with some pretty amazing hot shots, but only if you can handle spicy ‘n sweet in the same combo. But then again, you could always help us mix things up and create your own flavour.

Zangeki no Reginleiv : Brunhilde ECG 2013 by Shappi

C84 – Monster Hunter by theDevil-photography

1 by janvalek666

Lightning by studioK2

Kendappa and Soma by Misaki-Sai

Feeling Good by WeissEpilog

Shingeki no Kyojin by GeshaPetrovich

Card castles in the sky by Anastasya01

War Hammer by chongbit

Zone-00 – 05 by shiroang

Alice: Madness Returns by 0kasane0

Prime World by Shinkarchuk

Taric, fem, League of Legends by EminenceRain

An Audience With The King by ImMuze

Atlantica Online – Empress Himiko by alberti

Sakuya, the tree-spirit by cee-chan26

Shining Tears x Wind (Elwing) by Pugoffka-sama

Nana Osaki 02 by zingruby

World of Warcraft – Bloodelf by miyoaldy

Royal Doll Orchestra: My Queen by RuiYujin

Zone-00 by Pugoffka-sama

Shine bright like a diamond – Aoki Lapis by kerubear

Devil Scanty by mariannainsomnia

Ganymed and Apollo by Midgard1612

Rachel Alucard maid ver by TaisiaFlyagina

Sinbad – The King of Sindria by Elffi

Athena – Immortals by The-Kirana

Enoshima Junko by Inushio

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