Best on DA: volume 320

// October 18, 2013

This week’s cosplay selection is the love child of Overwhelming-Passion and Utterly-Madness: dying soldiers, enraged demons and godesses, undead queens, courageous princesses or strict earls. Yes, we have them all and there’s plenty of free seats at the family table.

Yukari Yakumo by bellatrixaiden

Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core by arthur1042

Alisa Bosconovitch (Bishoujo) by StellaChuu

Temporal Flux by predzor

BRAVE – MERIDA by Pugoffka-sama

WAITING FOR A FIGHT! by honey—-bunny

dynasty warriors 8 by jokerofmanipulation

WoW – Lady Sylvanas by Melali

Rathalos Monster Hunter Cosplay by KICKAcosplay

Natsume Yuujinchou – III by fiathriel

adult and young Shiobu by skyrap

Forsaken World – Water magic by Wan-Mei

The Boy King’s Weapons by Hisui-Facist

Guild Wars – Tree is a crowd by xPandorae

Magi – Attack by vaxzone

The Instrument Of Doom by kerubear

Dante and Angels by FaultyFrame

Okino Mayoko by oOoButa-kuNoOo

Cosfest 2013 – Madoka Magica by shiroang

1/2 Prince : Crimson Overlord by Astellecia

Magi – Up up here we go by FiriKururugi

Cosfest XII Day 1 – Kogasa Tatara 01 by ArishigeAIKO

Project ICE: Kisaragi by general-kuroru

Shilen, Goddess of Destruction by TaisiaFlyagina

Ciel Phantomhive by riskbreaker

Crane Yuzuriha – Saint Seiya Lost Canvas by ferpsf

Misaki Mei..It’s sad when people die by vividplus

Before the rain by Dantelian

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