Best on DA: volume 311

// October 10, 2013

We’re back fresh and ready for action. Check out this week’s top cosplay pics and if you simply want more, feel free to drop in!

Project ICE: Yuki Ice-T by general-kuroru

Warrior Tier 5 – World of Warcraft by KamuiCosplay

BLACK LAGOON – Revy by RIN-AlleyCat

Star Wars – Padme Amidala by Pugoffka-sama

Adekan – Yoshiwara Anri by miyoaldy

Gate 7 – 1 by Zorgen

Dracula’s Pupil by TraumaCentreGrrl

Where are You? by adelhaid

Kitana-Fatality by Anastasya01

Sister Paula Souwauski by Pugoffka-sama

Cave passion II by MysteriousMaemi

Sora – ecstatic by Evil-Uke-Sora

Magi – Assassin Boy by Another-Rose

Rydia by umibe

Oluha – Clover by oShadowButterflyo

xxxHOLiC: pleast, take your seat …. by Mokuyo

Kingdom Guardian by nybigblue44

Komachi Onotsuka -Touhou Project by 0kasane0

Ivy – Soul Calibur V by CrystalGraziano

Loveward Miku – Getting Ready! by Naomi-j

Eva 2013 by bai917

Morrigan 02 by FluffyLtd

Howl’s Moving Castle by SoranoSuzu

Sally. by Maho-Urei

Alice Madness Returns: Steam Dress by rurik0

Judal by KashinoRei

Ren Hakuryuu – waterfall training by FiriKururugi

JOJO Kakyoin Noriaki2 by 35ryo

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  1. GOD says:

    That MORRIGAN is pretty!

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