Best on DA: volume 301

// August 29, 2013

Brace yourselves for this week’s cosplay quest with some courageous assets; they’re both feisty and cute, dazzling and peculiar. And if you really want to quench your thirst, we’re always here for you.

Queen of Hearts – II by hexlord

Lone Wolf – Tales of Vesperia by NarcissPuppet

Ranger girl by KyoudaiCosband

Howl’s moving castle: despair wizard by KeHey

Colorful x Melody – Blooming colors by nyaomeimei

Sleep well, Moon Princess by EminenceRain

PSWG – Scanty and Kneesocks by Itasil

Tomoe Mami – I by Shazzsteel

Atlantica Online – Empress Himiko Cosplay by alberti

The Summoner by TraumaCentreGrrl

Deathline by Alexia-Muller

Zone 00 – Come on, Lets Fight! by vaxzone

Nyotalia England by Animaidens

The Crimson Reaper & The Fae Sorceress by DaisyDA

Soridormi by KamuiCosplay

OUAT – Regina by Itasil

Angus and Merida by my-little-shua

Atelier Meruru – 08 by shiroang

Shingeki No Kyoujin by josephlowphotography

OS_In the Elrit forests by SoranoSuzu

Fate/Zero . Irisviel von Einzbern by Deadly-Doll

Fushigi Yugi – Yui by Bunnymoon-Cosplay

Jaaku from Garo Makai Senki by AndyWana

UtaPri: DEBUT by zimiel

Lacus Clyne by Sandman-AC

Card Captor Sakura by Bara-Rose

Queen Nehellenia by Sasuko555

Don’t Make Me Kill You by CosplayFromSkratch

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