Best on DA: volume 291

// August 22, 2013

This week’s DA selection is looking to challenge the definition of ingenious cosplay in some breathtaking sceneries and shot by sleek photographers. It’s all borderline crazy-fantastic! Would you like some insight?

Lilith Sahl – Red Mars by adelhaid

Brave 10: Water guardian by Astarohime

Guilty Crown: With all my heart by Astellecia

Avatar: Toph Bei Fong – Fight by TophWei

Yuuko Ichihara by GQBravo

The Tempest is at Your Command by Xxfruit-cakexX

Prince and Princess – Skip Beat by KashinoRei

Gankutsuou Haydee by GQBravo

Original by Melali

I can’t leave you alone by NanyMeo

Opera. Milian Carestia by ElenaLeetah

Queen Nehellenia by Sasuko555

The ledgend of Zelda-Zant by SpiderCoffee

Howl’s Moving Castle – Sophie IV by fiathriel

Jessica Rabbit – Why don’t you do right by Benny-Lee

card captor sakura and syaoran by riskbreaker

SH::The blue prince by chuongtu

Project Diva Extend by maocosplay

What lies in her soul is Duty by Aoime

Spartacus by BelleDameSansMerci

Paprika by 0kasane0

Wagahai wa neko de by Witchiko

SH::Schneewittchen by chuongtu

Elizabeth by DarkmoonKidara

FFIII: Quest by MikiyoOo

Yumeiro Patissiere – Caramel by kangCheyu

S m i l e – Sora and Roxas by Sezzi95

PH by Kazuki-Fuchouin

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