Best on DA: volume 250

// July 25, 2013

Don’t miss out on this week’s fine selection of sugarcoated demon sisters, Disney princesses and bitter-sweet love stories. Tempted? We also have undead vindictive warriors and cyborgs. And two Pokémon. Indulge your cravings some more at Cosplay Gen’s DA, have a taste, become a member, make submissions.

EX MACHINA by haryadi-darkvictory

Zhen ji – Dynasty Warriors 7 by maocosplay

Sweet day by o0oFairyo0o

Scanty and Kneesocks by Vavalika

I miss you Lightning by maocosplay

Enchanted: Giselle by Astarohime

Magi: The labyrinth of Magic. Evil side by KeHey

Hellsing Ultimate: g u n – s h y by TraumaCentreGrrl

Look the horizon by Runarea

KHR: Byakuran cosplay by Yuri-Core

Eevee Gijinka Cosplay by Yuupewpew

Sylvannas Windrunner ( Undead ) by kerubear

Snow White jewels by Miwako-cosplay

Hakuouki – Shinsengumi Kitan – by e3Studios

[PS] The Third Crusnik by rosukuma

Kaito Shion by Kazuki-Fuchouin

Laws of Alchemy by Witchiko

FFTO – Nine and Sice by maocosplay

Psycho -pass 02 by yui930

Cendrillon The ball by chuongtu

Sheryl Nome: Galactic Idol by Astellecia

Magnet – the forbidden love by ikabii

Vocaloid-SeeU by josephlowphotography

Bot Lane by JungleJulia91

Umineko: Requiem by Junniechi

hakamairi-vocaloid by jokerofmanipulation

+Zapdos Gijinka+ by MolecularAgatha

Welcome to the League of Draven. by TornadoSugus

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