Best on DA: volume 230

// June 29, 2013

Wicked, dangerous and smexy. Ready for a new adventure into this weeks’s best cosplay on DA? Well then, sit tight, buckle up and let’s hit the rollercoaster of amazingness. And guess what? You don’t have to be ‘this tall’ to join us at Cosplay GEN DA group.

Cinderella by SoulFirePhotography

Usurper King Zant by seifer-sama

Puppet Circus – Marionette by zimiel

Tekken Lili by umibe

Zone-00 by umibe

The Red Death by FraSoldiers

Fire Emblem Awakening – Virion 2 by ImMuze

RG Veda by ycysusan

Kuragehime by Wan-Mei

Hatsune Miku TYPE 2020 01 by yingtze

Vampire Miyu – Crimson Lights by aco-rea

Kamisama Hajimemashita by Wan-Mei

Chobits – The wandering Chii by vaxzone

Clover: Suu by Astarohime

A Shooting Star by Megami-Shiawase

Her undead highness by Isadorada

Sheryl Nome: Listen to my song by Astellecia

CCS: Sakura 37 by Amapolchen

Uzumaki Naruto by Mimixum

Cyril and what he loves most by Cyril-Sneer

Echo by Indie-vampire

Black Rock Shooter – White R.S. cosplay by Ashitaro

Final Fantasy Type 0 – Ace :: 01 by soulCerulean

Misty – Pokemon II by fiathriel

Star Driver – Ginga Bishounen by ShamanRenji

Code Geass – 04 by shiroang

Bleach Ukitake + Shunsui by Amapolchen

Psycho-pass 2 by mellysa

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