Best on DA: volume 221

// June 14, 2013

Have you ever been so mad…about cosplay that you want to share every brilliant photo you came across? Well, we are. Sort of. Sometimes all you have to do is untie your sleeves and create something magnificent. Here’s the best on DA this week and come join us for tea..it’s always tea time here.

Fifth Guardian by densha-otoko

black-black butterfly by jokerofmanipulation

Zone-00 Kinuko Ibara 02 by Mm-miyoko

Trinity Blood. Ludwig II Cosplay by alberti

Zone-00 – Kitsho by miyoaldy

Adekan: Moving with the Wind by general-kuroru

Princess Mononoke: Legend of Ashitaka by cielroses

Adekan: Bird of paradise by Astarohime

Zone-00 05 by shuichimeryl

Yuzuriha Inori, Euterpe by UselessDevice

Sora the Poet by oShadowButterflyo

Unhappy REFRAIN by LennethXVII

RanMao by Wan-Mei

Fire Emblem Awakening – Tharja by ImMuze

Let The Madness Begin by Nattokun

Royalty Ice (Manuel D’Andrea) by LarsVanDrake

Drocell Cainz by Yukishir0

Fem Germany V by angriberen

Rei Ayanami: Evangelion III by AndyWana

Versailles no bara – Lady Oscar II by Hime-sOph

Boba Fett 8 by mykolascosplay

Esther Blanchett – Nice Glasses, Abel! by adelhaid

Sigmund – En Guarde by AmenoKitarou

Mononoke Hime 3 by chuongtu

Natsume Yuujinchou – Fuzuki by miyoaldy

Frey Zangeki no Reginleiv. by Shoko-Cosplay

Hetalia: Hungary 6 by Amapolchen

Vi – League of Legends by The-Kirana

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  1. Marzie says:

    Wow, so magnificent.
    The real best on DA.

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