Best on DA: volume 201

// May 15, 2013

Care for a little magic? Get your healthy dose of the best cosplay of this week on DA and have fun with these fine selections from Cosplay GEN DA group. See the world through cosplay lens and join us.

Chandra by dizzyispixelated

Tifa Lockhart – FFVII by Miss-Alice-Monster

Harori of Dragon Nest by kurorochan

Red Wings by y-o-s-s-i

Simone Daldosso Zack Fair 8 by SimoneDaldosso

DRAMAtical Murder, Virus + Trip by fritzfusion

Lightning Returns: Equilibrium by JoviClaire

Kid Icarus by EminenceRain

Shiki – Seishirou and Chizuru Kirishiki by Melali

Sengoku Taisen – Takeda Shingen’s woman by alberti

Loki 03 by drkitsune

Poker Face by LMKusanagi

Super Sailor Neptune by MelfinaCosplay

Alone|Hades – Saint Seiya by Pugoffka-sama

Mutual Heaven by Yume-ka

Bleach – Ichigo Kurosaki by KuroSeirei

PantyStocking by Wan-Mei

Zone-00: Senryou by AmethystPrince

Do not stand in my way by PhantasmagoriaSaturn

Story of Evil by Andy-K

Macross Frontier by josephlowphotography

Genjo Sanzo by Shazzsteel

Cosplay – CodeGeass C.C. by Korixxkairi

chained by desire by DaisukeDano

Trinity Blood – Esther Blanchett by Melali

Tomb raider lara croft by chongbit

Magi – The Labyrinth of Magic by Arulithia

Alice and Queen by Nattokun

super mario female by chongbit

Cersei Lannister by BelleDameSansMerci

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