Best on DA: volume 190

// April 22, 2013

Just try and resist a peak at these striking photos. The cosplayers have simply graduated to stunning and we couldn’t resist sharing the aftermath. Up for more? Find us on Cosplay GEN DA group and feel free to become a member, make submissions, leave comments and be part of something larger than life.

The Violet Queen by seseostara

Mononoke Hime by Shioji

League of Legends Ahri – cosplay by Korixxkairi

Aion, Wizard 4 by Anita-Lust

SABER by yui930

Evangelion: 3.0 by shiroang

Zone00 – dangerous pair by FiriKururugi

MLP: Celestia and Cadence by Amapolchen

Senbonzakura by Inushio

Yoshi’s Island – Egg Bomb by Another-Rose

macross frontier by abbottw

Servant of Evil / Daughter of Evil 02 by emi-liaricx

Berserker by MiciaGlo

Sailor Jupiter cosplay by Kawaielli

Juliets Bed by mila-tiemy

Little Sister by thecrystalshoe

BIOSHOCK: One big happy family by Benny-Lee

BLAME! PCell by itsL0KI

American dream by karenkasumimatsumoto

Pokemon White – Hilda / Touko by beethy

Hijikata by Wan-Mei

Kaname Madoka ver 3.0 by MissAnsa

Miss Fortune’s dangerous eyes by ely707

Opera: Milian before the Ball by ElenaLeetah

Lilith #5 by Mnguyen8097

Mari Makinami Illustrious by DigitalHikari

Will you give your world to me? by Alexia-Muller

Princess Kaguya by DigitalHikari

: E V E R L A S T I N G : by wildmushrooms

Noah’s Circus: Doll by Vavalika

Merida – Brave in the woods by my-little-shua

HARORI by kurorochan

Vocaloid: Gumi [Camellia] by =theDevil1412

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