Best on DA: volume 182

// April 10, 2013

Come a little closer and feast your eyes with this week’s DA most fabulous cosplay photos. We have covered just about every taste in the book. Hungry for more? You can always join us on our Cosplay GEN DA Group to become a member, make submissions and spice things up.

Wheatley and GLaDOS Portal 2 by Tenori-Tiger

Sakizo: Stay Classy by Stealthos-Aurion

Art of Almost by *fotofong

Gumi [Karakuri Burst] by zeleftenant

Maetel by Lady-I-Hellsing

Dante DMC3 Cosplay by Leon C.

X-men Phoenix by Rukiii

Zone-00 by shuichimeryl

Trigun: Wanted! Dead or Alive by twinklee

Saeko- EBK by KannonKosplay

Morrigan cosplay by ThelemaTherion

Guild war 2 by yukigodbless

Secret Police – Hatsune Miku by Pugoffka-sama

FATE ZERO SABER by shuichimeryl

Colorful x Melody by studioK2

Look to the future by Aniki-Fair

Zhao Li Fei by lina-no-uta

Enma Ai 2 by YuuGray

M I S E R Y by Rurupon

Sora [Halloweentown] by Midgard1612

Luminezence – Irisviel von Einzbern by Avrasil

LAGRANGE: Kyouno Madoka by mikuen-drops

Captian Liliana by TophWei

Carefree by gk-reiko

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  1. Wonderful, one of my photo is here!

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