Best on DA: volume 160

// March 19, 2013

We can never get tired of Hellsing, Trinity Blood, Final Fantasy, Ghost in the Shell and many, many others, therefore we are delighted to present you Best on DA: Volume XVI.
Join us on our Cosplay GEN DA Group. We have a stunning amount of cosplayers…and ingenious photographers ready to put them in the best limelight…and cookies.

Hellsing Ultimate:Draculina by TraumaCentreGrrl

Fields of Gold by UxiCosplay

ASOIAF – Play the game by Limnauth

I dance with light by o0oFairyo0o

Dark Phoenix by ~Psyfrostcosplay

Trinity Blood Cosplay: J.J. Jocelyn by alberti

Sucker Punch/BABYDOLL/SHOW GIRL01 by ou-oneone

Versailles – Kamijo by Pugoffka-sama

Candy Addicts by louixa

Mirabel – Breathing life by CalipsoCosplay

Mio and the Gazebo by Lumis-Mirage

Crystal Peace by Indie-vampire

Uta no Prince: Tokiya by HAPPYHAHA

Sorceress Ultimecia [Katsucon 2013] by pixiekitty

Granado Espada . Warlock by Elektra86

Strider Hiryu – Watching by effektdmentality

Mell: Sakura Gate 7-3 by mellysa

Saber bride cosplay / fate extra by SelenaAdorian


Kagamine Rin Vocaloid by kirawinter

Final Fantasy XII – Sky Pirate by AmenoKitarou

AmeComi Cheetah Cosplay by the-mirror-melts

GHOST IN THE SHELL Motoko by an09

A Summoner’s Call by DigitalHikari

The Hobbit: Bilbo by JoLuffiroSauce

Bad touch by shamblesofhearts

Casino Royale by Luvnatsu

Kaya cosplay by Squalo-Superbia

Alexiel – The Soldier Who Defied Heaven by etaru

The REAL Ladies of FF7 by crystalcosfx

Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck by DigitalHikari

Flower and Willow by Luvnatsu

Roses by Squalo-Superbia

TOBI battle pose by Rnamon

Fake Kyoshi Warriors – I by DarkmoonKidara

Dark Aristocrat by Squalo-Superbia

Lisette, Huntress [Ludwig Kakumei] by ChikaraSan

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