Astarohime (RU)6

// March 18, 2010

In Moscow there are over 500 cosplayers and cosplay-groups, I think. Maybe even more. We got a lot of festivals, where I usually take part!

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Photo credits: MadCrecha
Name/Nickname: Astarohime
Years of Cosplay: 3
Country: Moscow, Russia


  1. Lauri says:

    wow! this girl sure invest money on her cosplay act!
    she’s awesome :speechless:

  2. Spankehz says:

    Thanks for sharing her! I’ve never seen her on dA before, but now I have another talented cosplayer to watch!

  3. Astaroshe says:

    Шинья-сама, ваш косплей как всегда без единого изъяна *^*

  4. john christopher says:

    Yes the costume is great but the face brings soul and life to the character.

  5. Amoula says:

    MattThe problem with these coeenrefcns is that for ever hot chick there are 10 fat smelly basement dwelling guys. That also does not take into account the 90% of truly nerdy girls that you could only sleep with by taking off your coke bottle glasses. Not that these ones arnt great to look at but a far cry from the true reality of any comic show.

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