A Steampunk Diva: Lizbit

An admirer of Steampunk, bringing to life characters who seem teleported right from the Victorian era, Canadian model Lizbit surely knows how to put together outfits that are at the same time retro and sexy, elegant and coquettish. I am particularly fond of Steampunk and I discovered her works by pure chance, while doing some research; and when seeing her Lady Mechanika, it was love at first sight with her Steampunk cosplays. I had the pleasure to interview her for an article for Cosplay Gen #4, and she told me a little something about her love for this stylish genre, about her inspiration sources, and the “philosophy” behind her works. I’m very glad I had the chance to talk to her and now I’m delighted to share this interview with you. Apart from Steampunk, she also has tons of other amazing outfits and photos; just check her deviantART page to have a look.
Ruxandra Târcă (editor-in-chief)


Lizbit as SteamPunk Dreaming (Original Character)
Photo by Tiffany Ireland
Lizbit as SteamPunk Lady (Original Character)
Photo by Tiffany Ireland
Lizbit as SteamPunk Doll (Original Character)
Photo by Tiffany Ireland
Cosplay Gen: Please tell us a few words about yourself and what Steampunk is to you.
Lizbit: I grew up in a small town, where my sister and I used to love playing characters in the forest around our home. My parents have always encouraged us to pursue our interests, and raised us to be strong women. My father is a collector and a tinkerer, he especially likes old radio’s, vehicles and clocks, while my mother is quite the art lover and history buff. I think this is why I am so drawn to Steampunk.

To me, Steampunk embodies a place and time that we accidentally skipped through, or maybe where we will end up… It’s about taking the old, and creating functional pieces, that are as beautiful to look at, as they are useful. Steampunk is about being socially and technologically advanced. Blending Old World ideas of morality and courtesy, while allowing women to be just as, if not more staunch than their male counterparts. Adding to its allure, there is magic and mystery with space aged gizmos.

Lizbit as SteamPunk 37(Origunal Character)
Photo by Ken Nash
Cosplay Gen: Can you describe a little the concept that represents the basis for Lady Mechanika?
Lizbit: Lady Mechanika is a character and story created and illustrated by Joe Benitez, and is available through Aspen Comics, inspired by the Steampunk genre.

She was found by local authorities in England, surrounded by corpses, and body parts. Her limbs had been amputated, and replaced with mechanical ones. She has no memory of her former life, so has built herself a new one. She is now a private detective, using her unique limbs and abilities, to solve cases that the police can’t, or wont.

“Lady Mechanika is about a young woman’s search for her own identity as she solves other mysteries involving science and the supernatural.”Joe Benitez Official Website.

Cosplay Gen: What can you tell us about your other Steampunk outfits? Where did you get your inspiration from when creating them?
Lizbit: I get my inspiration for the costumes from the genre itself. Steampunk characters are the funniest outfits to make, because there is a beautiful mix of antiquated garments, as well as endless possibilities for accessories. My rule of thumb when creating a new character, or outfit, is that it must have at least one piece of leather, metal (jewelry, clocks, rivets etc.) and a lot of layers. I usually start with a corset and bloomers, and go from there. I also keep in mind that the most popular choice of fabric for the era is leather or silk, because those are fabrics that would withstand the journey through time. When making jewelry for a character it’s helpful to base what you’re making on something living, like a beetle, or making something in metal after an accessory that is typically fabric, like a chain link bow tie.
Cosplay Gen: Do you intend to try other Steampunk outfits in the future? Do you consider a Steampunk outfit more special than other cosplay costumes? If yes, in what way?
Lizbit: I am currently working on an original Steampunk project with Ken Nash, and have two other outfits ready for wear.

This particular Steampunk cosplay is very special to me. I love Joe’s character, and wanted to do her justice. His series is full of Steampunk pieces, which were the inspiration for these costumes. The brown outfit was my first attempt at sewing, since a Sailor Pluto costume at age 12. I almost lost an eye and my mind sewing the leather underbust. Thank goodness for YouTube and a lesson from my Love’s mom.

Ken had the goggles, and my partner gave me the gun, which helped tie the whole look together. Neither are a necessity for Steampunk, but they sure are fun to play with.

Steampunk is a very fun theme to cosplay because there are so many options! You get to mix soft and luxurious fabric with very structured articles, which create the posture and feel of the Victorian era. The more layers the better, which allows the cosplayer to have full creative freedom over how much or little they show, and it is a really cool base to start an original character from. What other genre could get away with mixing top hats, corsets, bustle skirts and brass ;)?



  1. Ken Nash says:

    Hello Ruxandra

    Thank you for crediting my photos in your interview with LizBit. I am pleased that you used so many of them. The link to my Deviantart page however is incorrect. Would you be so kind and change it to http://imagedesigner.deviantart.com/ Thank you.

    Ken Nash

  2. Thank you very much for choosing and sharing my images. Lizbit is a wonderful and amazing woman. Great model and very creative artist. Congrats little lady!

    -Tiffany Ireland

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