Both Maki & Taka are regular contributors to TokyoFashion.com, a Harajuku-based English language website dedicated to Japanese street fashion. The site is updated daily with fresh street fashion photos from Harajuku and other areas of Tokyo. TokyoFashion.com also covers runway shows, fashion events, fashion news, and anything else related to fashion in the world’s most crowded metropolis.

“Thanks to FRUITS photographer Shoichi Aoki, Harajuku is world renowned as the hipster place in Tokyo to namedrop. It is home to the kookiest fashion Japan has to offer, being the center of the Gothic Lolita and Visual kei looks scene since the 80s. Every Sunday, hordes of photographers come to shoot the gloomy kids in their Victorian garb whilst they pose coquettishly on the bridge, reveling in the attention.

Most visitors coming to Harajuku scour the main Takeshita Dori area, with its rows of kitschy boutiques and cheap teen shopping. From there, they walk to the iconic LaForet plaza on the corner, and then up the Omotesando shopping area – often referred to as the Champs Elysses of Tokyo. “

Article by Manami “Maki” Okazaki // Photos by Taka Kira


  1. Kimiko says:

    I don’t get some forms of fashion, I really don’t, but I do appreciate the originality even though I personally would never wear such stuff.They are however a great inspiration for visual artists like myself and other illustrators, character designers etc.

  2. Sean Linn says:

    Too awesome. In 1988 i was 16 and somehow ended up in Tokyo from Los Angeles, CA. I found myself to be >ahem< EXTREMELY POPULAR!!!!!! My fashion sense was a mix of metal, punk and hillbilly and the girls in Harajuku loved it. I had long hair and a rather androgenous face, since I was a late bloomer and had no facial hair whatsoever. Wore lots of denim and black metal t-shirts. My denim jacket had a "metal" back patch, one sleeve slashed into ribbons almost and held together with rows of safety pins which had the appearance of armor kinda. The rest of the jacket was covered with diffent patches and hand drawn band logos either painted with acrylics or drawn in with markers. I had girls forming lines to get pics with me, it changed my life and gave me a huge self-esteem boost. Thanks Japan, I will always love you!

  3. aya says:

    yo vivo en un lugar en el que nunca se me permitiria vestir asi aunque me guste!!!

  4. yali says:

    tienes razon AYA, muchas veces el sitio donde vivimos influye mucho =_=

  5. WilliamRice says:

    Really Cool. Gaynor

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