Hey there, we’re sorry for the recent lack of updates, we’re busy with Otaku Festival 2010 which is taking place next week in Bucharest. We believe that a picture is worth a thousand words and that’s why we think these ones will suffice for our lack of updates for now, we will be posting a full preview the following days. The magazine’s distribution starts as of May 17.

Remember, it’s a limited issue in an extremely limited quantity!

Jesuke: The Passion for Cosplay


  1. Kevin Pack says:

    Looking really good. I can’t wait to receive my copy.

  2. Mazoku says:

    Oh man, I’m so excited now! The 17th can’t come any faster!

  3. DiiKei 之助 says:

    :D/ waiting to see at my real eyes~ >_<

  4. Emily says:

    Double that. It’s clean, colourful and food to the eyes.

  5. Daling says:

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  7. Cykl "Altissimum" jest cyklem wiele dla mnie znaczÄ…cym, Pani WiesÅ‚awo. ZaczynaÅ‚em go pisać, myÅ›lÄ…c, że rozpocznie nowy okres (już po "Rhode Island" byÅ‚em w momencie zwrotu). OkazaÅ‚ siÄ™ jednak jeszcze silniejszym, drugim zamkniÄ™ciem dotychczasowego etapu.Niebawem w ramach wernisażu w Artpubgalerii zaprezentowanych zostanie 15 ekfraz. ProszÄ™ wtedy odwiedzić tÄ™ galeriÄ™…Z pozdrowieniami :).

  8. it before and I will say it again. While I am no fan of blogs about blogging, I always read your blog and enjoy your posts because you are so obviously a caring person who wants others to succeed, and who questions practices that established bloggers take for granted.

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