In August 2011, Eric Greer participated as a media team director in the Otakuthon convention in Montréal, Québec, together with Christine Lee, and interviewed the famous cosplayer Yaya Han, who was also featured in the first issue of Cosplay Gen.

Throughout this interview you’ll find out Yaya’s opinion about cosplay and some particularities of it, and also about the cosplay community and her evolution as a cosplayer, together with some aspects regarding the history of cosplay. It surely is a very interesting and enjoyable interview to listen to.


A Perspective in Cosplay with Yaya Han – Aug.2011 by Eric Greer



  1. Brian Haseo says:

    i giving a high admiring and Respect to the reply when the interview 🙂
    Realy Hope The Everyone Can Knowing More about Cosplay History and Ganbatte to Yayahan than giving other cosplayers and People knowing more about History and The Meaning of Cosplay 🙂

  2. Joe Firestien says:

    Really enjoyed Ms. Han comments on cosplay. But her comments on DC 52 where she mentions adam hughes designing some of the outfits is incorrect in implying that he designed any of those costumes. As a huge jim Lee fan, Jim lee designed almost all of the costumes. I like Hughes work, her whole comment on giving credit where credit is due is lost when she doesn’t get her information correct.

  3. Ku Ri Curry says:

    *sigh* Been listening to that interview for the nth time.

    I’d like to believe in the fact that somehow… the cosplay scene won’t change so much. As people like myself who always choose to hand sew/sew their costumes… tend to lose interest from time to time because it seems in this craft… It doesn’t matter anymore.

    There is so much truth to her statements, and I know myself I’ll never be given as much credit as the people who has the financial ability to have professionals make costumes for them. *sigh*

    Yaya Han… You serve as an inspiration to many.

    • colin bushby says:

      Come on Ku Ri Curry , Be reasonable , Most people don’t have time or the money to have hand sewn costumes ! They work hard all week & just want to have some fun on the weekend , Which in its self can be quite expensive !

  4. Yaya says:

    Thank you guys for the feature. I am really honored and thankful that I was able to do this interview with Eric and Christine. Eric’s questions and views were unlike any interviewer I’ve encountered before and I was able to speak honestly and from my heart.
    To elaborate on my statement regarding Catwoman’s costume – I simply meant that I created mine based on Mr. Hughe’s cover art for the Catwoman Series. I apologize if that fact was lost in the interview as we were running out of time and I wasn’t able to explain it in detail. I understand that the character has has many designers in the past, including Mr. Lee. The great part about cosplay is that you can pick one version of a character and make the costume, or mesh multiple versions together into your favorite look. I often take aspects from different references of the same character and create a personal version of that cosplay. In the case of Catwoman though, I tried to stay 100% true to Mr. Hughe’s vision of Selina, and even replicated the makeup and expressions to the best of my abilities.
    Thank you again, Cosplay Gen!


  5. Lene says:

    I’m so glad I stumble across this interview. Truly thankful that Yaya Han brought out the asthetics of what cosplay really is and that the cosplay world is slowly losing that factor.

  6. colin bushby says:

    These are excellent pictures ! Well done to all involved !

  7. Kelly F. says:

    It’s hard to find cosplayers with an actual understanding of what cosplay is – an art medium. Those pictures are amazing! I can’t believe how detailed and well made those cosplays are! She is a true inspiration. 🙂

  8. Sakuya says:

    devia ser escrita, pois, nos de outros países podemos facilmente traduzir,

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